You Are Queer Enough

About Us

This space arose as a response to community organizing and listening to LGBTQIA+ folk in Portland, Or. The stories and data collected strongly indicated that many folks feel a sense of non-belonging, exclusion, rejection and isolation from community. 

A small team began to wonder what it could look like if there was a facilitated space for folks to come, socialize reflect, and build community based on the spirit and practice of queerness.

Queer Enough seeks to fill the gap and build community rooted in the spirit of Queerness, connection and repair, listening, acting, being together. 

This is for “LGBTQ+ folk and queer people who seek connection, affirmation, support while committing to dig deeper into the resilience and expansiveness of queerness. It is for folks whose experience of queerness intersects with race, gender, class, ecology, disability, spirituality while actively practicing anti-racism and anti-colonization.

This is a place of dreaming, celebration, grieving, aid, reflection, connection, growth, ritual, storytelling and communal healing, and culture building.









MOnthly Gatherings

We gather to socialize, to learn, to grow, and to build community connection, capacity, and wisdom. Gatherings can look like movie nights, craft nights, game nights and also facilitated reflective spaces.

Community Activities

We recognize not one organization exists in a isolation, Queer Enough invites folks into the greater Portland community to participate in and mutually support our eco-systems.

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to build culture AND community while seeking connection and repair for LGBtqia+ folks in Portland, Or. 


We envision a community where lgbtqia+ are connected, organized, and foster life in and for one another and our ecosystems 


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